Politics & Society, Life Sciences
Undercover audit shows rehab centers use hard-sell tactics. Addicts might not need the care they're selling.

By Reece Wallace

Life Sciences
Protecting sea urchin predators did not create food chain ‘domino effect,’ defying expectations

By Zack Fishman

Mind & Behavior, Life Sciences
Keto diet decreases seizure frequency in epilepsy patients

By Beth Newhart

Life Sciences
Race-specific screening guidelines could spare Black liver cancer patients from worse outcomes

By Ana Mulero

Life Sciences
'Helper' white blood cells may kill cancer cells in patients who don’t respond to standard treatments

By Kate Baggaley

Life Sciences, Computing & Technology
Google search results feed misinformation on cancer treatments

By Beth Newhart

Life Sciences, Mind & Behavior
Psychiatric disorders tied to earlier onset of Alzheimer’s, preliminary results suggest

By Ana Mulero

Life Sciences
Unusual diversity patterns in large carnivorous dinosaurs stem from their rapid growth

By Miles Martin

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