Life Sciences, Mind & Behavior, Social Sciences
The 'obesity paradox' may be a myth: Extra weight in old age may not protect cognition

By Nick Gallagher

Life Sciences
Chronic stress could shave years off primates’ lives

By Asher Jones

Engineering, Life Sciences
Inexpensive culture media could ‘democratize’ human stem cell research

By Miles Martin

Business & Economics, Life Sciences
Chronic pain draining billions from US economy

By Theo Wayt

Life Sciences
New types of respiratory cells may mark 'great advancement' toward preventing SIDS

By Kevin Wheeler

Life Sciences, Mind & Behavior
Less sleep in middle age raises dementia risk later in life

By Beth Newhart

Mind & Behavior, Life Sciences
Daily marijuana use could increase psychotic experiences in people at risk for schizophrenia

By Tara DiMaio

Life Sciences, Business & Economics
This rare bean could save the coffee industry

By Kevin Wheeler

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