Social Sciences, Life Sciences
New model suggests Angkor among the world's largest ancient cities

By Marcos Cabello

Business & Economics, Social Sciences
Paid family leave policies found to benefit small businesses

By Margaret McIntyre

Business & Economics, Social Sciences
Rise of the middle class in the 20th century was wildly overstated

By Ariane Lange

Social Sciences, Mind & Behavior, Business & Economics
What wins in making AR gaming meaningful? Imagination beats nostalgia.

By Tara DiMaio

Social Sciences
'Second chance' prison release gains broad support, especially for drug offenses

By Theo Wayt

Life Sciences, Social Sciences
With better contraceptive access, more girls graduate from high school

By Ariane Lange

Business & Economics, Social Sciences
SEC's focus on terrorism could prevent detection of financial errors

By Margaret McIntyre

Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences
These pristine habitats carry lots of carbon. Tourism and agriculture threaten to release it.

By Kevin Wheeler

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